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Hydraulic power and motion control technology will never become complete or mature until methods are available that will assure a satisfactory service life and reliability. Computerized techniques for achieving a desired system performance have been introduced; however, methods for assuring component and system reliability are fragmented, and many times primitive. Therefore, it is the purpose of this course to teach practical methods that will enable the attendees to avoid common errors and assure a long and useful service life for hydraulic systems.

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Each Attendee Will Learn to...

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Tools Attendees Will Take Back...

The course materials are available for purchase for those who cannot attend the course on any of the scheduled dates. With the materials you will receive a coupon to attend a future course. Contact us and we will provide you with complete information.

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Who should attend?

This course is especially designed for those responsible for the alert status and task readiness of hydraulic systems and machinery, both in the military and industry. In addition, those who need to keep abreast of the constantly changing conditions of hydraulic system design rationale as it affects service performance assurance, and longevity would be interested in attending this course. Specifically, those attending would include . . .

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Course Textbook Description

Book3a.gif (19531 bytes)This is a substantial and comprehensive text that will be a treasured addition to your technical library. It includes:

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Course Leaders

Dr. Fitch and Dr. Hong have united as a team to offer their unique technical strengths in creating the Computerized Fluid Power Series, the third book of which is the basis for this seminar. Dr. Fitch brought to the table almost 50 intense years of uninterrupted and concentrated activity in the fluid power area. His background has a particularly broad scope since it is based on his teaching, research, industrial applications, and consultation work. Dr. Hong contributes his unmatched component and system modeling forte to enhance the material presented in each book. In addition he has set the state for this entire field of study by developing an all inclusive software package (named HyPneu) specifically designed to simulate and optimize fluid power and motion control systems.

The combined expertise of these high profile engineers is spectacular since they complement each other so well. They have produced the first four volumes of their Computerized Fluid Power Series which have already been shown to have great value and appeal to many areas of the fluid power industry. What a stroke of luck for the fluid power industry when these two engineers united to write these books and to chart the destiny of their adopted field of study. The synergistic collaboration of Dr. Fitch and Dr. Hong in presenting this formidable series of books has become a tremendous asset to the fluid power and motion control industry.

Dr. E. C. Fitch

Dr. Fitch Founded the Fluid Power Research Center (FPRC) in the late 1950s and continued to be the Director of the Center until his retirement in 1988. During this time, the FPRC conducted hundreds of research studies for government and industry worldwide. Dr. Fitch has written 18 books and manuals along with authoring over 200 technical papers. He has numerous patents in his name and has been extensively recognized in the industry through many honors and awards.

Dr. I. T. Hong

Dr. Hong joined the FPRC in 1979 and as Technical Director he managed contractual research projects. Since 1989, Dr. Hong has been President of BarDyne, Inc. He is the principal developer of the HyPneu software. Dr. Hong remains an Adjunct Professor at Oklahoma State University and is the author of over 50 papers. Dr. Hong has gained international status as an effective and active course leader and educator in the area of analytical design and computer-aided simulation.

In addition, Dr. R. K. Tessmann, who has been instrumental in editing and challenging the contents of each book in the series, will be available at the course.  Dr. Richard K. Tessmann joined the FPRC at Oklahoma State University in 1968 where he served as Program Manager. While there he received both his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering. In 1980 Dr. Tessmann left the FPRC to expand his technical expertise and experience. Since 1989, Dr. Tessmann has served as Technical Vice President for BarDyne. Through the years, Dr. Tessmann has acquired considerable experience and recognition as a consultant and presenter in the areas of fluid contamination control and service assurance.

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