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Critical decisions must be made by designers and users of fluid power systems that can seriously affect the future of their companies. With international competition growing steadily, staying abreast of technological trends in a field as broad as fluid power is increasingly difficult. Much of the world's attention seems to be focued on energy and manpower issues, but many identifiable technological changes are also occurring. This book concentrates on factors that are causing those changes and examines their relevance. The book provides the reader with an effective design and operational philosophy that can serve as a guide in making decisions about fluid power system appraisals. This book, written by Dr. E. C. Fitch in 1982, is as relevant and popular now as it was over 35 years ago.

1 Introduction
2 Transmission Cycles
3 System Loads and Duty Cycles
4 Fluid Power System Types
5 Control Systems
6 System design and specification
7 Hydraulic Pumps
8 Energy Storage and Transformation
9 Fluid Power Controls
10 Linear and Rotary Hydraulic Actuators
11 Hydraulic Fluid Conditioners
12 Fluid Conductors
13 Hydraulic Fluid
14 Hydraulic System Fabrication - Manufacturers
15 Hydraulic System Operation – Users
Appendix - Component Specifications

Title: Fluid Power Engineering
Authors: E. C. Fitch, P.E., Ph.D.
Publisher: FES, Inc., Stillwater, OK 74075 U.S.A.
Year Published: 1982
Binding: HardBound
Pages: 158
Weight: 2 lb
Size: 8.75" x 11.25" x .6"

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