Hydraulic Component
Design and Selection

Hydraulic System Design
for Service Assurance

Hydraulic System Modeling
and Simulation

Fluid Power Engineering

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Hydraulic Component Design and Selection

This book is the first of the computerized Fluid Power Series. It is a heavyweight edition containing 650 pages and is the foundation document for the entire series. Basically all the mathematical models of hydrualic components that are needed in the design and simulation of hydraulic systems are presented.

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Hydraulic System Design for Service Assurance

Fluid power technology can never be considered fully mature until methods are available that can assure system reliability and longevity. This book advances practical methods that will enable hydraulic systems to avoid common failures and prolong their useful service life.

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Hydraulic System Modeling and Simulation

This book includes chapters on Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics, Generic Fluid Element Models, System Modeling Techniques, Visual Modeling and System Equation Formulation, Solution Methods for Mathematical Models, Graphical Methods for Design Analysis, Duty Cycle and Loading Analysis, Digital Computation and Simulation, and Model Verification and Test Procedures.

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Fluid Power Engineering

Critical decisions must be made by designers and users of fluid power systems that can seriously affect the future of their companies. The book provides the reader with an effective design and operational philosophy that can serve as a guide in making decisions about fluid power system appraisals. This book, written by Dr. E. C. Fitch in 1982, is as relevant and popular now as it was over 30 years ago.

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