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Hydraulic Component Design and Selection

Hydraulic component design and selection book

A heavyweight book with 650 pages of mathematical models and hydraulic components

by Dr. E.C. Fitch and Dr. I. T. Hong


This book is the first of eight books comprising the Computerized Fluid Power Series. The book is a heavyweight edition containing 650 pages and is the foundation document for the entire series. Basically all the mathematical models of hydraulic components that are needed in the design and simulation of hydraulic systems are presented. The book is particularly unique in that it is packed full of examples with solutions for nearly every type component known in the industry. Specifically, the book contains nearly 400 figures including 10 nomographs, over 380 equations, 21 tables, and 48 practical examples. For the first time, the book presents the 24 prime laws, theorems, and equations of fluid power. To set the stage for the modeling of hydraulic components, the book devotes an entire chapter to the fundamentals of fluid power engineering. Finally, the book contains a comprehensive glossary of hydraulic terms.

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$250 USD for the book only.  If bringing this book to the Computerized Hydraulic Component Analysis for System Design course, you may deduct the price of the book from the course registration fee.

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