Fluid Contamination Control

fluid contamination control book

A vital resource for engineers, technicians, and operators who must design, maintain, and operate fluid dependent systems. NOTE THAT THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER IN PRINT AND IS NOT AVAILABLE


by Dr. E.C. Fitch


This hard bound book provides a comprehensive perspective of fluid contamination control. Contaminants are unwanted influences that can destroy the integrity of fluid systems. Unless these contaminants are controlled, few if any, fluid systems ever achieve their intended purpose, let alone attain their expected service life. The objective of the book is to serve as a reference and guide to practicing engineers, technicians, and operators who must design, maintain, and operate fluid-dependent systems.


With this purpose in mind, the organization of the book reflects a logical development of facts and concepts, moving from contaminant identification, analysis, exclusion, and removal to component contaminant sensitivity and compatibility. In addition, literally hundreds of illustrations help the reader grasp the subject. Instead of mathematical formulae, nomographs and coordinate charts are used to enhance the reader's ability to capture the concepts discussed and apply the information to practical problems. Finally, the book is intended to document and expand topics covered in a formal seminar lecture program.

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Note that this book is currently out of print and none of the original printed versions are available.  We have special permission from the author to print a limited number of copies from a scanned original for select customers.   A new book is currently in process of being written that will replace this book.  No date has been set as to when that book will be available.  Please contact Bookstore@Bardyne.com to get on a mailing list to be the one of the first to receive word about the new publication date.


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