Positions Currently Available

The following positions are in immediate need.  Please apply as soon as possible.

To apply for any of the positions below, please open and fill out the application here and send or bring to our offices in Stillwater.

This is an Adobe PDF document that you should be able to fill out on a computer.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit the Adobe website and download the free viewer.

Please call Paula Fitch at (405) 743-4337 or email pfitch@BarDyne.com if you have any questions.

Immediate Opening -- Software Programmer

Software programmer with experience in C++, SQL, and Visual Studios IDE to support development of an existing engineering software program. We are especially interested in those who also have experience with hardware interface programming. Engineering or technical background is a plus. Applicants should provide sample work and accompanying code. A minimum of 15 hours a week is expected for this position. Must be U.S. Citizen.  

Mechanical Testing Technician

Check back with us.  Our needs are currently met.

Mechanical technicians needed to help setup and run tests on various hydraulic components and systems such as pumps, valve, cylinders, etc.  Must have high school degree, background in technology school or in mechanical power technology.  We need individuals who have a minimum of 4 hour time blocks available.  Must be U.S. Citizen.

Engineering Research Assistant

Full- and Part-time positions available

We are searching for individuals who could assist us in doing some engineering research.  Assist in running engineering software for simulation and CAD.  Knowledge of Visual Basic and CAD software would be extremely helpful.  Must have completed Junior level coursework in engineering or technological school.  Minimum of 20 hours per week.  Must be U.S. Citizen.

In accordance with US INS regulations, this job advertisement, unless otherwise stated, is directed to US permanent residence and green card holders. Suitably qualified candidates from other NAFTA countries (Canada and Mexico) are also encouraged to apply.  

If interested, please send a resume and or Application to pfitch@BarDyne.com

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