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Since 1987, BarDyne, Inc. has been providing quality component testing and system assessment services to the fluid power industry. BarDyne provides a full spectrum of testing services focusing on contamination sensitivity and accelerated life testing services. We utilize a impressive collection of testing equipment that can handle anything from pumps and valves to filters and hoses. We welcome you to explore our facilities and see what BarDyne can do to help you achieve your design goals.

The BarDyne test facility is capable of performing component and system tests in both “clean” and carefully controlled contaminant environment. In addition, we are equipped with a mobile computerized data acquisition and control module that can be integrated with any test equipment. Through the use of digital measurement tools and integration with our proprietary engineering software, we are capable to dynamically monitor and analyze functional and operational parameters for more accurate and realistic assessment.

Why use the BarDyne Test Facilities?

Because of our six decades of experience and reputation for performing outstanding work, our customers have complete trust in our ability to provide objective, confidential, accurate, and timely test results.

Collectively, the experts at BarDyne have more than 70 years of experience in fluid power engineering. Through their R&D efforts, there are over 376 test procedures were developed for industry and government organizations. Several of the procedures have been accepted by the national and international organizations and became standards, such as ISO 4572, SAE J1195, NFPA T3.9.18, etc. No other organization in the world can offer the experience and capabilities that BarDyne can provide the fluid power industry.

BarDyne has the capability and equipment to conduct nearly any standard hydraulic or pneumatic test (such as ISO, NFPA, ASTM, SAE, and MIL). In addition, we often contract to run special tests to fit a company's requirements.

The staff of BarDyne works closely with our customers to facilitate not only the required test data but also the technology transfer needed to interpret the results.

BarDyne, Inc. has an enormous inventory of equipment that is available to perform almost any hydraulic and pneumatic component test. BarDyne has acquired the entire equipment facilities of three major U.S. testing laboratories, including the Fluid Power Research Center at Oklahoma State University.

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